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Save Aru Islands

Aru is a cluster of 300 small tinny islands where greatest birds of paradise are living harmoniously with kangaroos, black cockatoos & crocodile. This heavenly place is threatened to be destroyed recently by a stupid & greedy plan of our government to develop 500 000 hectares of sugar cane plantation across this region. Please stand in solidarity with us to SAVE ARU ISLANDS!

The Warden Of Jargarian Forest

The people and ecosystem of Aru Archipelago are under massive pressure. Investment plan from the big companies in plantation sector will open more than 75% land area in Aru Archipelago. Social and economic changes are inevitable, along with the forest clearing in this archipelago country.
Location Permit, and Forest Release Recommendation for total of 481.403 ha for 28 subsidiary of Menara Group. This decision was strengthened by Maluku Governor Karel Albert Ralahal. He issued the Forest Release Recommendation Letter on July 2011. On February 2013, the Ministry of Forestry issued the principle permit to reserve forest area for another 19 companies under Menara Group.The total area with permits issued by Ministry of Forestry are 305.120 ha. The land clearing for sugarcane plantation in Aru Archipelago by Menara Group has finally end because rejection by Aru’s People. This movie tell about success story by Aru’s People to reject Menara Group from Aru lands.

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Press Release: Masyarakat Kepulauan Aru Kembali Terancam

Press Release: Ekspansi Perkebunan Tebu Dilanjutkan, Kehidupan Masyarakat Kepulauan Aru Kembali Terancam Bogor, 22 juni 2015. Pemerintah dianggap telah melakukan pembohongan publik terkait rencana pembukaan perkebunan tebu di Kepulauan Aru. Pernyataan Menteri Pertanian, Amran Sulaiman, yang dikutip oleh media thejakartapost.com  pada tanggal 18 juni 2015, menjelaskan bahwa pemerintah telah menyiapkan tiga (3) lokasi yang luasnya sekitar 500 ribu Ha untuk pembangunan perkebunan tebu di Indonesia.
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FOREST MANAGEMENT BY THE LOCAL PEOPLES IN ARU DISTRICT, SOUTHEAST MALUKU Herman Hidayat* Abstract The Aru people in Southeast Maluku province have for generations practiced participatory forest management based on local knowledge, traditional values and wisdom. Local people have utili
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THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE ARU ISLANDS, EASTERN INDONESIA Sue O’Connor, Matthew Spriggs and Peter Veth (eds) Terra Australis 22, Pandanus Books, Canberra, 2005, x+314pp, ISBN 1 74076 113 8 Reviewed by Daniel Rosendahl Aboriginal Environments Research Centre, School of Geography Planning a
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The human consequences of deforestation in the Moluccas

The human consequences of deforestation in the Moluccas Roy Ellen In: ‘Les peuples des forêts tropicales. Systèmes traditionnels et développement rural en Afrique équatoriale, grande Amazonie et Asie du sud-est.’, eds. D. V. Joiris and D. de Laveleye, Special issue of Civi
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UN urges Indonesia to respect the land rights of Aru Islanders threatened by giant sugar plantation

UN urges Indonesia to respect the land rights of Aru Islanders threatened by giant sugar plantation 7 October, 2015   In response to an appeal submitted by the Indonesian Indigenous Peoples Alliance (AMAN) and Forest Peoples Programme under its urgent action procedure, the UN’s Commit
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Four causes of deforestation

Monday, 01 June 2015, 15:52 WIB Four causes of deforestation Rep: C37/ Red: Julkifli Marbun “Nandang cited the case in the Aru Islands, Maluku was a reflection of the weakness of New Permit Delays policy (PPIB). Permission for sugarcane plantation area of 67 thousand hectares in
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Save Aru (Tribute Song to #SaveAru Islands) MHC - Wessly

Lagu yg didekasikan kepada perjuangan Rakyat Aru untuk melawan perampokan tanah-tanah mereka yg mau diubah menjadi kebun tebu. Keep Stand in with us to #SaveAruIslands
Enter the rainforest canopy of the Aru Islands to watch the coordinated displays of two male Greater Birds-of-Paradise. Then see two females take particular interest in the males' bright colors, strange sounds, and contorted poses. Filmed by Tim Laman in September 2010.

Suzanna Mangar - Tanah Emas | Song for Aru Island

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Aru Archipelago, Beauty About to be Lost Forever – Chris Paporakis

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